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Enhance your Health, Wellbeing, Happiness
Give yourself permission to pause. Practice self-care
Find your balance. Discover your calm.
Move, Breathe, Mediate

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About Yoga2You

Based in Potters Bar, Yoga2You offer yoga, breathwork and meditation for all – no matter what age, fitness level, size, ability, or flexibility.

Working one2one or with groups, offering practices, techniques and teachings which are relevant to you and that you can easily apply to your life, as you need them, on and off the yoga mat, to enhance your health, wellbeing and happiness.

Creating routines that are safe, appropriate, and fun, but also challenging, to leave you feeling ‘better’ at the end of your session.




'Helen's Yoga Classes are great fun, she encourages you to do what you feel comfortable doing, adapts positions to suite any medical conditions or aches and pains.

I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed ready for any challenges that come my way'


'Fabulous restorative session, Thanks Helen, back in my body and on the ground'


'I arrived fraught and frazzled and left feeling calm, centred and balances. Bliss!!'

"Easing from the edges can be a sign of advanced practice"

Norman Blair

This is a quote that Helen likes to draw on.  We asked her to describe to us what it means to her.

'A definition of edge is - a place where sensations are strong without struggling to stay; a shape that allows you to be able to walk away afterwards, and wake the next day without feeling as if you've been run over by a bus!
As we practice yoga asana (poses) we experience our 'edges'. As well as physical, edges can be mental and/or emotional too. Edges are different for each person. Edges shift and move during our time in a shape. Edges are different on different days and in different shapes. Our edge is a place where we can experience a balancing of effort and ease in the pose. Edges can prompt us to pull back, go further, or remain steady in the shape.
As we practise we navigate, ride, our edges, like riding the waves of the ocean, we can experience greater awareness, connection, space and calmness.
The concept and process of exploring, negotiating and navigating edges is, I think, a helpful metaphor for daily life off the mat too!!!'

Our Teacher


Founder and Owner

A yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, Helen is a knowledgeable and experienced well-being professional, with qualifications to teach and share yoga, breathwork and meditation techniques.

Helen has a fascination with how the body ‘works’, and an in depth appreciation and understanding of how movement, breath and meditation can affect the body and mind, and the profound effect that even subtle changes and shifts can have on physical and mental health.

One of her greatest satisfactions is seeing ‘students’ at the end of a session, looking ‘lighter’, less weighed-down, much softer and calmer, and with a big smile on their faces, having opened, released, de-stressed and relaxed during the class.

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