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Yoga Classes

Slow Flow Yoga

Release and Rejuvenate

Focusing on strength, balance and flexibility to bring a calm and steady energy, physically, mentally and emotionally, these sessions are equally suitable for complete beginners and more experienced practitioners.  They will help you to unwind and release physical and mental tension, calm and focus your mind, improve your flexibility and increase muscle tone, leaving you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated at the end of the class.  Some past class themes include Yoga For Back Pain, Recharging The Immune System, Yoga For Runners, Hips And Hamstrings, Strength And Stability and Better Breathing.

Yin Restorative Yoga

Nurture & Heal

This is a deeply nourishing and soothing practice for mind, body and soul.  It is slow-paced and passive allowing us to slow down, take a pause, and is a perfect complement to our high-paced and stressful lifestyles.  The longer, floor-based and supported posture holds allow the time and space to release deep-rooted patterns of tension and restriction, bringing balance, stillness and serenity, and a calmer more peaceful and contemplative state of mind.  These classes are equally suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.


Energetic Flow Yoga

Strengthen & Revitalise

A stronger, more vigorous class, that is more physically challenging.  Postures are practiced in flowing sequences and the movements are more energetic.  Great for working, stretching and toning the entire body; increasing strength, stamina and flexibility as well as focusing and calming the mind.  These sessions are fun and focusing; and will leave you feeling re-energised and strong from the inside out.  They are suitable for those who already have some experience of yoga and/or a reasonable level of fitness.

Chair-Based Yoga & Breathing

Stretch and Unwind

This class is a wonderful way to increase overall health and well-being and an opportunity to chat and socialise over tea and biscuits after the session.  It is designed for older people, anyone who is frail and/or at risk of falls, those who experience mobility issues or have a physical disability, people living with a limiting long-term illness or health condition, and for their carers.

Benefits include:

  • improved energy levels

  • easier movement

  • increased confidence

  • better balance

  • less fearful of falling

  • relief from aches and pains

  • more relaxed and less stressed

  • aids sleep

  • and it’s sociable and fun!!!!

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