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Health and Wellbeing



Grounded and Peaceful

As well as incorporating it into my yoga classes generally, I share meditation practices with individuals or as specialist meditation classes.

Meditation has been shown to have an effect on both your physiological (our body’s functioning) and psychological (our mental and emotional state) selves; and subtly alters how you perceive and respond to the world around you.  It is a practice that has long been used to increase calmness, manage anxiety and overwhelm, improve focus and concentration, reduce stress and tension, and boost quality of life generally.


Calm and Steady

I share breathing practices with individuals or in a specialist breathwork class; and I also incorporate breathing techniques into my yoga classes generally.

Breathwork (utilising breathing exercises) has a profound, powerful and transformative effect on your physical, mental and emotional self, and improves health and well-being.  Your breath is always accessible; it always there; and the techniques can be practiced anywhere to help you to find a greater sense of balance in your mind and your life.

Being in tune with your breath, subtly adjusting and appropriately modifying the way you breathe, can change the way you think, feel, perform, heal, relax, realise your goals, and shift the way you move through your days.  The techniques and practices can be used to calm anxiety, relieve stress, revitalise, manage pain, strengthen lungs, improve focus and creativity, prepare you for sleep, and much, much more…..

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Sport Specific Yoga

Strength & Focus

These sessions help athletes, sports enthusiasts, in all disciplines, and those keen on fitness, to improve performance, correct body imbalances, increase efficiency of movement, improve strength and flexibility, prevent and heal injuries and develop mental focus.

As needs and requirements vary from sport to sport, so do sport-specific yoga techniques but typically a class will incorporate general mobilisation of joints, core awareness, balancing and dynamic techniques, performance breathing and restorative practices.  No experience of yoga is necessary.

Additional aspects of the Practice

What is also avilable

Bespoke sessions

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